Narconon battles continue

  • wp socializer sprite mask 16px Narconon battles continue
  • wp socializer sprite mask 16px Narconon battles continue
  • wp socializer sprite mask 16px Narconon battles continue
  • wp socializer sprite mask 16px Narconon battles continue
  • wp socializer sprite mask 16px Narconon battles continue
  • wp socializer sprite mask 16px Narconon battles continue
  • wp socializer sprite mask 16px Narconon battles continue
  • wp socializer sprite mask 16px Narconon battles continue

Narconon Lawsuits – It’s Not Just Insurance Fraud


Narconon of Georgia surrenders license, avoids prosecution – September 26, 2013 -The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

A controversial Norcross drug treatment facility with ties to the Church of Scientology will avoid any potential criminal charges after surrendering its license to the state.
But the investigation into allegations of insurance fraud by those running the facility isn’t over, Gwinnett County District Attorney Danny Porter said. [There is much more to this story, so stay tuned]

Scientology-affilated drug rehab clinic sued by insurer – Atlanta Journal-Constitution – September 9, 2013

Watch video. The complete article is accessible only to Premium subscribers. This is the first Class Action in the country that is attacking the entire Narconon program. It also involves insurance fraud. They are asking for a refund of money paid by families who were preyed on. There is much more.

More AJC links to Narconon fraud

Insurer moves to drop Narconon of Georgia for fraud -
WSB-TV Atlanta – September 9, 2013

A local drug rehab facility that’s been the subject of a year-long Channel 2 Action News investigation is facing new trouble.

Narconon of Georgia’s own insurance company is now trying to drop its coverage, accusing the program of fraud. In February, one mother told Channel 2 she paid her daughter’s treatment in full, then noticed $166,000 billed to their insurance company.


Harris Penn Lowry has filed a class action lawsuit against Narconon of Georgia (“NNGA”) and Narconon International, on behalf of NNGA patients, their families, and others who have paid money to NNGA to obtain drug or alcohol rehabilitation services.

Search Warrant Affidavit: Scientology’s Atlanta Drug Rehab Billed $3 Million in Insurance Fraud – Links to court documents from Tony Ortega’s Underground Bunker.

Lawsuit Over Death at Georgia Narconon

Jodie Fleischer of WSB TV covered the death of Patrick Desmond: October 2, 2012

Patrick Desmond’s mother describes him as kind-hearted and good-natured, but the former Marine died at 28-years-old, losing a battle against alcoholism.
Desmond’s death in 2008 came as he took part in a worldwide drug treatment program, Narconon, already under fire for other patient deaths and ties to the Church of Scientology.
Now a Channel 2 investigation is raising questions about the Narconon program and its license in Georgia.
Watch the full video report on WSB TV’s website. In the report, Scientology continues their long tradition of lying to the press and lying to the people they are trying to con into their program. Their sister radio station is doing a spectacular series on this story as well. You can hear their reports here.

Many thanks to Tony Ortega for leading XENU TV to this story.

Narconon Struggles in Canada

Narconon blocked in Hockley Valley, Ontario

Are two sites really both required? Editorial – September 12, 2013 – Orangeville Citizen

[Please follow the comments here. It's obvious to me that the author just doesn't get the controversy at all. In my opinion, it sounds to me that the editor would have welcomed them to the community. I wonder why.]

But while there’s no doubt the planned treatment of the addicts is controversial and runs counter to current practices of mainstream science and medicine, there is equally little or no evidence that the treatment centre would have posed a threat to the community.

In fact, the main point raised by critics relates to the program’s relative successfulness. Formed in the United States in 1966, Narconon is a drug-free social education model aiming for stable, permanent recovery. [Sorry, but am I reading this right? What exactly is their "relative successfulness"?]

“People who need medical withdrawal would do it elsewhere before they came to Narconon. You cannot enroll in the Narconon program unless you are medically approved by a proper medical doctor as ready to do this program.”
[And who is the "proper medical doctor who would approve this unapproved method. Are they long-term church of Scientology members who have operated a number of clinics in Toronto over the last few decades? ]

Narconon loses bid to buy property in Hockley Village – Rachel Mendleson – Toronto Star – Sept. 9, 2013
Amid mounting concerns over Narconon’s proposal, the sellers chose a “white knight” offer.
The deal was finalized amid mounting concern among residents about Narconon’s drug-free withdrawal program and its ties to the Church of Scientology. Clark Carr, the international presidient for Narconon said that he would not comment at the loss of the bid.
Scientology Narconon facing another battle in Ontario – David Edgar Love – September 8, 2013
Scientology is not giving up and intends to push forward with their plans to open a new drug rehab in Cambridge, will no doubt, meet similar opposition.

Opening a new Narconon in Ontario will not be an easy task for Scientology’s Clark Carr and Yvette Shank, considering the public is now aware and informed about how dangerous this cult operates. Even though it appears that Scientology leader, David Miscavige, is willing to throw millions into the Narconon expansion in Canada, public outcry has more power than money – Hockley Valley citizens proved what Canadians are capable of.

News in today about Narconon International, Clark Carr, pushing for a Narconon drug rehab near Scientology’s Ideal Org church in Cambridge, Ontario, has citizens concerned. “Scientology are heavily trying to infiltrate their community, going so far as advertising on buses, and going door to door trying to gain community support,” said one source earlier today.

Rug pulled out from Narconon bid to buy Hockley Valley property – September 4, 2013 –
An estate property eyed as a potential site for a drug rehab centre with Scientology ties is no longer on the market.

Local realtor Marc Ronan of Prudential Ronan Realty posted an update on his Facebook page Tuesday (Sept. 3) to announce the property has been sold to a local buyer instead of Narconon International, the controversial organization behind the rehab proposal.

“As most of you know Prudential Ronan Realty is handling the sale of a large estate property owned by the Blenkarn family trust,” he wrote. “Recently an offer was received from a Toronto Remax Realtor representing a organization called Narconon. The Blenkarn family with our professional advice chose not to finalize this agreement and has now sold the estate property to a local buyer from the Hockley Valley residential community with no change or request for any change in the existing zoning.”

Controversial rehab centre rouses Hockley Valley fury – Rachel Mendelson – Toronto Star – September 2, 2013
Hockley is up in arms over Narconon’s bid to convert a picturesque estate into an addictions recovery centre. Narconon says its well-studied program has produced 35,000 graduates since 1995. [What rubbish!!!] Leave your comments while they are still open.

Narconon planning facility near Orangeville, Ontario – August 1, 2013 – Rehabilitation centre for drug addicts proposed for Mono-Adjala Townline | Orangeville Citizen
By Lindsey Papp, August 1, 2013
Representatives from Meridian Planning (Meridian), Narconon International and Narconon Canada were greeted by a crowd of concerned citizens that filled the small meeting room in the Hockley Community and Seniors Hall Tuesday evening.

David Love Talks Today About WHY Narconon Must Be Stopped in Hockley Valley – August 26, 2013: David Love talks today about why he presses on to help stop Scientology’s drug rehabs, Narconon, from operating. Hockley Valley citizens in Ontario, Canada, need help to stop Narconon from opening in their small community. They have a petition up on Facebook, asking for help: “No Drug Rehab in Hockley Valley”

Narconon in Calgary, Alberta

Over the last few years the Narconon organization has claimed that they have an approved drug rehab residential facility in Calgary. We have looked at their claims, and their locations and have come to the conclusion that this facility does not have any government license or approval to operate. In fact, the city zoning department didn’t even know anything about them at all. Alberta Health Services is now aware of this facility and will more than likely investigate their presence. web site must be taken with a grain of sand as far as I am concerned.

calgarynarconon house exterior 300x208 Narconon battles continue

Narconon Calgary residence at 123 Woodside Circle SW

It is located at 123 Woodside Circle, SW, in a 2,000 sq. ft. house in a Calgary residential area. -

My Main Concerns Are:


  • Did the City of Calgary know that they have been operating a business there for years? I don’t think so.
  • They claim that they are “approved as a registered non-profit organization providing residential drug rehab, alcohol treatment, addiction recovery and education”. [In fact, they have no license to operate any drug rehabilitation centre in Alberta.]
  • Why didn’t the Province of Alberta’s Health Services department know anything about them?
  • Who are their medical doctors, or maybe even chiropractors or naturopaths who are involved?


Narconon & Scientology in Quebec

Part One – Hidden-Camera Investigation of Scientology in Quebec – French language with English subtitles

Feb. 25, 2011, a one-hour hidden-camera investigation was broadcast in French at 7 P.M. on the TVA network in Montreal. The name of the program is JE (Journalisme d’enquête = “Investigative Journalism”) and it exposes scams and injustices.


Scientologist-run rehab centre ordered closed in Quebec – April 18, 2012 – The head of a regional health agency in Quebec said he had no choice but to shut down a Scientology-based rehab centre in Trois-Rivières.
In recent months, he said at least four clients were taken to hospital because of methods used at the centre. – Narconon Reviews publishes heartbreaking Narconon drug rehab stories.

Narconon Reviews – Before you attend Narconon, get the info you need to know. If you’re considering Narconon, want to complain about Narconon, or are researching the Narconon Sauna Detox and Drug Rehabilitation programs, we have help for you. We also have useful tips if you’re searching for any other type of substance abuse treatment program. Our Resources page will give you an overview of the information on this site, or you can go directly to your topic of interest, either below, or above by using the menu or the search feature.

Narconon exposed in Quebec – March 21, 2010 -
Le Soleil has published a devastating report about the fraud and abuses taking place at Narconon Trois-Rivières.

Narconon Natural Detox & Rehab Center (note that they didn’t spell it in the Canadian way)A new Church of Scientology opened in early Spring 2013 in an industrial park about 45 minutes drive from Toronto. Our local newspapers, radio and TV stations were there to cover it. Nobody said that they were running Narconon out of this location. Hey, there’a a toll-free number and No Waiting List. I wonder why. When you put Narconon into their search window you open up a node about their programs around the world. Of course, there is no mention about Lisa McPherson or some of the problems that they have had in the Narconon locations around the world.

How can the government of Ontario allow this type of facility that has a terrible track record operate in our community? If they treat drug addicts and alcoholics, shouldn’t they be required to have the official approval of the government?

If this is the case, where is their operating license?

Scientology rehab center under fire after string of deaths – August 15, 2012 – Daily News – Stacy Dawn Murphy, 20, was found in her room at Narconon Arrowhead, in Oklahoma, without any marks on her body. She is one of four young people to die at the Scientology-linked facility since 2009.

Wikipedia on Narconon

Go to our Amazon aStore for Scientology in Review – Recent books that investigate this “religion”, their many spinoff companies, and how they basically have brainwashed “millions”.

Scientology-linked rehab Narconon under fire from two former executives NBC’s Rock Center takes another look at Narconon operations in the U.S. There are other NBC reports on this subject that are not to be missed. Just follow the links in the “about” section of this video. Or you can read the transcript here. Rock Center also maintains Narconon section on their web site.

Scientology Georgia Narconon RAIDED – Posted on April 26, 2013 by former Scientologist named Tory. She has an immensely personal point of view about her experience inside and outside of the CoS.

Story of the Georgia Narconon raided by Insurance Commission

WSB-TV Atlanta report on Insurance fraud allegations by Narconon – January 31, 2013

Narconon Exposed – Colin Henderson – David Love – Pt 1

David Edgar Love’s YouTube Channel

Narconon Industry of Death – David Edgar Love’s web site for the latest updates about the Narconon Drug Rehab Scam & Con

Message to Narconon Employees, Field Staff Members and Supporters – Former Narconon worker, Lucas Catton – Posted April 3, 2013. He appeals to those who work for Narconon and asks them to blow the whistle on their fraud. Lucas’ web site is called Have You Told All?

David Love Talks About Narconon’s Demise in 2013 – January 12, 2013 – David Edgar Love expresses his feelings about the demise of Scientology’s drug rehab, Narconon, in 2013. In the past year, three have closed their doors, but now the focuss is on Narconon Arrowhead, Narconon of Georgia, Narconon Nevada, Narconon Michigan, Narconon Alberta, and others.

Narconon & Scientology Canada Dangers

The facility, which includes more than 80 hectares and five buildings that total around 160,000 square feet, will serve as Scientology’s national headquarters when it opens next year.

The organization will upgrade the former Hockley Highlands Inn and Conference Centre in Mono, just northeast of Orangeville, which it purchased in 2009.

Old Articles about history of Narconon’s Purification Rundown

Scientology ‘purification’ rite used by anti-addiction centres – By Lindsay Scotton – Toronto Star – June 14, 1986

Ontario MDs, Paul Jaconello and Kathleen Kerr are both involved in a controversial “purification” regime used by the Church of Scientology to advance members’ spiritual enlightenment is also being used by Narconon, a drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre, and is being offered at a Toronto health clinic.

The “Purification Rundown” used by Narconon and the Lafayette Health Centre uses large vitamin dosages, exercise and long hours in the sauna to “cleanse” the body of accumulated impurities, according to Narconon officials and the health centre’s director.

[In all the years that Jaconello and Kerr ran the clinic, there has never been any published actions by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario, despite complaints that go back all the way to 1984. You can follow Jaconello’s present activities by going to theJaconello Health Centre for Nutritional and Preventive Medicine

. It doesn’t seem to me that his methods have really changed much in the last 29 years.Click here for his profile

Dr. Kathleen Kerr acted as the Narconon medical director for nearly two decades. She is actually listed on their board of directors when they filed with Revenue Canada to become a registered charity in Canada in 2010.

Click for her Wiki-sites profile

Google Search for Kathleen Kerr and Purification Rundown

FASE Conference December 1995 – This conference had dozens of delegates and numerous references to detox programs. In attendance were key Narconon or Scientology medical doctors, including Dr. Kathleen Kerr of Toronto. Sponsored by:

Actual Narconon Canada Web Sites

These web links were accessed on September 9, 2013. It is very interesting that they still have the Narconon Trois-Rivieres location listed, even though it was closed down a long time ago by the government.

Cambridge, Ontario Scientology

Scientologists At War DVD 300x168 Narconon battles continue


Watch Scientology’s bitter civil war as David Miscavige and his ex-number two go head to head. Meet Scientology’s highest-level defector, Marty Rathbun. As the former Inspector General of Ethics in the organisation, Rathbun worked closely with its leader, David Miscavige, and celebrity follower Tom Cruise. Now he lives in small town America, a man under siege. With incredible access, this doc captures the shocking measures the Church will take to pressurise and discredit defectors. A rare insider view of the highly secretive organisation.

Scientology’s war against Psychiatry

L. Ron Hubbard initiated the war against psychiatry in the early days of the founding of his “church” and pushed it hard after they “won” their war with the IRS in the early 90s. Their CCHR (Citizens Committee on Human Rights) speerheaded the drive to put the pharmaceutical drug industry and psychiatrists out of business through various means.

There have been many celebrities who have championed Scientology, and many who have left the fold.

Based on more than two hundred interviews with current and former Scientologists and years of archival research, Lawrence Wright discussed his book Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood, and the Prison of Belief, which offers an exhaustive account of the church, from its founding by L. Ron Hubbard to its present-day leadership. In a conversation with Library Director Mark Updegrove, Wright explained why celebrities like Tom Cruise and John Travolta are drawn to Scientology and discussed the future of Scientology. Wright is a playwright, screenwriter, and staff writer for The New Yorker. He won the Pulitzer Prize in 2007 for his book The Looming Tower: Al-Qaeda and the Road to 9/11. Co-sponsored by the Texas Book Festival.

Here is a Lawrence Wright’s YouTube interview.

French scientologists head for supreme court September 5, 2013
The Church of Scientology in France has gone to the Supreme Court in a bid to overturn guilty verdicts on fraud charges for which it was hit with a €600,000 fine. The Church said the 2009 ruling violated its “religious freedom”.

In the original ruling, Scientology leader in Paris, Alain Rosenburg and the Celebrity Centre’s former president Sabine Jacquart were also found guilty of taking financial advantage of elderly members of the Church and sentenced to a two-year suspended prison sentences as well as being handed a €30,000 fine for organized fraud.

The charges resulted from accusations by Parisians that they had been pressured into handing over large sums of money to buy matierials in the book shop and Celebrity Centre.

The Decline (and Probable Fall) of the Scientology Empire – Jim Lippard

YouTube talk to the National Capital Area Skeptics group in Bethesda, MD.

Jim Lippard spoke on the history of the Church of Scientology, how it has collided with the Internet and lost control of its secrets and its membership, and is now seeing an accelerating decline as its top members leave for new alternatives.

60 Minutes: Inside Scientology Jenna Miscavige (2013-06-09)

Reporter: Liz Hayes
Producer: Phil Goyen

Over the years we’ve heard a lot about the Church of Scientology.
It’s high profile has been bolstered by Hollywood A-listers. But what goes on behind the walls of this religion isn’t always glamorous.

The church is led by David Miscavige, a man who usually prefers to stay out of the public eye. But now his niece has shone a bright, unwelcome light upon the church and its behaviour.
Jenna Miscavige Hill spent more than 20 years in the church with her uncle. She told her story to Liz Hayes.

Jenna’s book is called Beyond Belief: My Secret Life Inside Scientology and My Harrowing Escape and was published by William Morrow Publishing.

Media Mayhem : Truth Beyond Scientology Hysteria with Tony Ortega

Former Village Voice Editor, and authority on all things Scientology, Tony Ortega, joins Media Mayhem to separate the rumors from the researched facts on the group.

Tony gives the real story behind the organizations in-fighting, process of blacklisting, and the veil of silence that extends to all members of the Church. He also clues outsiders in on the reasons that Church members are unhappy with their leadership, and why it is the ideal religion for megalomaniacs.

Breaking Away: What happens when a Scientologist leaves?
NBC News – Air Date – July 12, 2012 – Rock Center examines the claims made by former Scientologists that they faced harassment from the church and alienation from their families for leaving the faith. Marty Rathbun, a former senior Scientologist, was stalked for months by Scientology flunkies. The church denies those claims. Michael Rinder also speaks out about the breakup of his family who were disconnected from the Church. Rock Center’s Kate Snow reports.

Scientology: The Hole – Damning evidence about their operation east of Los Angeles.

Published on Jan 13, 2013 -
Scientology defectors describe violence,abuse and humiliation in “the Hole”. Isolated work sites. Limited communication with the outside. Psychological pressure to obey. Guards poised to chase after runaways.
The Cult of Scientology imposes a raft of restrictions and mental controls on its “religious” workers, who grind on, abiding 100-hour workweeks.

SCIENTOLOGISTS AT WAR, the complete Channel 4 Documentary – Tony Ortega made this video available on his web site with comments. This program aired on June 17, 2013 in Great Britain. Watching this film, you would think Scientology Inc is mid a complete mental breakdown into an alternate universe. David Miscavige, head of Scientology and Marty Rathbun’s direct senior directs a bunch of complete thugs to descend on Marty’s private residence in South Texas and harrass him for 199 dayts. Marty and Mosey were under seige. I you want to see the original video without comments then click on the video below.

Stealing Money from Scientologists The Art of Fraud – CNBC American Greed Posted June 22, 2013

Brian Culkin on Scientology – Published on Jul 12, 2013 – 1 hour
Brian Culkin gave $350,000 to the Church of Scientology over the course of one year. After leaving the group he asked for his money back. Eventually he got a refund but only after signing a declaration that Scientology is using in a court case to deprive other former members of getting their money back.

Scientology – The X Files [Full Documentary] – From Anonymous Channel

Scientology – Money, Mysteries and Controversies an Investigation – Published on Feb 14, 2013 -
Money, Mysteries, and Controversies: At the Heart of Scientology. A documentary in French, with English subtitles, filmed in Paris, India, Clearwater, and London. Length – 1 hour, 14 minutes.

Brainwashed: Scientology: Eternal Contract – History Channel Canada

Documentary Drama produced in Toronto for the History Channel. Also Available on Slice cable network in Canada. It’s the story of Nancy Manys and her early introduction into Scientology and the SeaOrg back in the early 1970s. It’s very well done. I was shocked at the way that they treated Nancy’s husband while she was pregnant.

WikiLeaks Scientology pages – This site is instrumental in understaning how the organization works to control the media, influence politicians and governments, and the keep their members in line. Don’t forget to check the links about Narconon, and Lisa McPherson.

The Secrets of Scientology – The Church of Scientology is a rich and vengeful religious cult, or as one critic puts it, “a cross between the Moonies and the Mafia.” But it would be a mistake to dismiss its underlying technology as harmless or ineffective. Scientologists know a great deal about thought control, social control, rhetorical judo (defeat by misdirection, deft use of logical fallacies) and high pressure sales, though as victims of their own technology, they wouldn’t characterize it that way.

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